2010-11 Regular Season Review Shows Steep Decline In Team

The Los Angeles Dodgers has a rich tradition as a professional baseball team. It has its humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York before moving to Los Angeles prior to the 1958 season. They have always been a perennial contender in most of the franchise history. What you are about to read is a short recap of their 2010 season – their final standings, the highs and lows of their campaign, and the players that contributed to the success and failure of the team. So read on what they have accomplished last year.

They finished the regular season just below the .500 mark with a record of 80 wins and 82 losses. That puts them ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the final standings which is good enough to land them in fourth place of the National League Western Division. They finished twelve games behind from the eventual division champion – the San Francisco Giants. Very clearly, the Dodgers did not performe on the road as well as on their home turf, as reflected from the following records: 35 wins, 46 losses road record and 45 wins, 36 losses home record. They will have to improve on both these performances if they are going to sell out of Dodgers tickets.

Their finest moment came during the month of May, when they ended up with 20 wins and 8 losses. They faced 8 different teams, and this is how the month ended up for them against these opponents:

* Pittsburgh Pirates – 2 wins, 0 losses

* Milwaukee Brewers – 1 win, 2 losses

* Colorado Rockies – 4 wins, 2 losses

* Arizona Diamondbacks – 4 wins, 0 losses

* San Diego Padres – 4 wins, 1 loss

* Houston Astros – 2 wins, 0 losses

* Detroit Tigers – 2 wins, 1 loss

* Chicago Cubs – 1 win, 2 losses

Likewise, their lowest moment happened during the homestretch in the months of September and October. LA finished their season with a losing record of 12 wins and 17 losses during that period. That performance pretty much explains why they finished below the .500 mark. Here is how they matched up during that stretch:

* Philadelphia Phillies – 0 wins, 1 loss

* San Francisco Giants – 2 wins, 4 losses

* San Diego Padres – 1 win, 5 losses

* Houston Astros – 2 wins, 2 losses

* Colorado Rockies – 4 wins, 2 losses

* Arizona Diamondbacks – 3 wins, 3 losses

Despite their poor form and uneven performance, four players made it to the 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. They are:

* Andre Ethier – starter

* Hong-Chih Kuo – reserve

* Jonathan Broxton – reserve

* Rafael Furcal – reserve

Rafael Furcal, incidentally, became the National League Player of the Week from June 28 to July 4. But as good as the performance of these four players are, most of their teammates had a forgettable 2010 season. These following players must get their acts together if they want their team to reclaim the top position in their division:

* Tony Gwynn Jr., Outfield – 2010 statistics: (.204 BA, 3 HR, 20 RBI) poor average of stolen bases.

* Rod Barajas, C – 2010 statistics: (.240, 17, 47) sub-par batting average.

* Jay Gibbons, Outfield/PH – 2010 statistics: (.280 BA, 5 HR, 17 RBI) disabled list with a vision problem in the left eye.

* Casey Blake, 3B – 2010 statistics: (.248, 17, 64) had just a .727 OPS in 2010 season.

* James Loney, 1B – 2010: (.267, 10, 88) must improve on his batting average.

* Chad Billingsley, SP – 2010 statistics: (12-11, 3.57 ERA) needs consistency in his performance.

* Andre Ethier, Rf – 2010 statistics: (.292 BA, 23, 82) suffered a broken finger after the All Star break last season.

* Jonathan Broxton, RP – 2010 statistics: (4.04 ERA, 22 saves, seven blown saves) struggles after the All Star break after a scintillating first half.

* Matt Kemp, CF – 2010 statistics: (.249, 28, 89) his performance regressed in almost every category.

Overall, the Los Angeles Dodgers performance left much to be desired in the 2010 regular season. Many players did not play up to their expectations after having a wonderful season in 2009. . Many attributed the team’s poor performance to the divorce proceedings in the off season between the owner of the team and chairman Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie, who incidentally was the CEO of the team during that time. But with this issue out of the way in 2011, the team is expected to regain its old and devastating form.