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If you live in America, chances are you know what Dodgers ticket are, even if you've never been to a game. However, if you're from California, there is no reason not to see at least one game up close. Years ago, getting tickets was not easy, but fans today can effortlessly buy premium Dodger tickets online from our secure website.

Opening Day tickets go on sale at the end of March and are often the most sought-after. Game day tickets for this particular event are almost always sold a bit differently than most. Often, fans must register by filling out a form of interest. After filling out this form, the person then qualifies for a random drawing. Those selected will have the opportunity to buy.

For those fans that want to hit every game possible, seasons are the way to go. Seasons makes it cheaper because you are buying in bulk. In addition, fans who purchase seasons have priority seat upgrades, ticket forwarding/email abilities, savings on Mini Plans, and the option to become a Stadium Club member.

If season tickets seem a little overboard for you, you can always choose to purchase a Mini Plan. Essentially, a Mini Plan is a specific number of games in which you get to choose which games you wish to see. With your Mini Plan purchase, you are not only saving money on but often you receive extra incentives. Fans who are interested in enjoying a game in style can also choose seats that include: seating in luxury suites, Dugout Club, or in Baseline Box Clubs.

Taking in a game can be an exciting and memorable experience. With the current ease of ordering online, there is no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity and plan your trip now!

Growing in popularity over the course of their successful franchise, fans hold their tickets close to their heart, the band wagon effect in Los Angeles could possibly be one of the biggest in sports. When the team is hot, there is no stopping the snowball affect that it has on the city. The front offices has made multiple changes to the stadium that has enhanced game visibility and overall comfort.

The Dodgers family has moved its spring location from Vero Beach Florida to Phoenix Arizona. A lot of Major League franchises have moved their spring training camps to Arizona, due to the fact the weather and costs in Arizona are far better then other states.