The History of the Los Angeles Dodgers

This team’s storied history began in Brooklyn in 1883.  They appeared in the World Series 13 times while in Brooklyn.  After the move to Los Angeles, they continued to add to their legacy with 5 more appearances. They had no problems with selling out of Dodgers tickets to every game because of the huge fan following of this team.

The team was first known as the Brooklyn Atlantics and subsequently changed their name to the Bridegrooms, Grooms, Superbas, Robins and the Trolley Dodgers.  Then made the change to the Dodgers in the 1930’s and made their final name change in 1957 when they moved cross country to become the Los Angeles Dodgers.

They won their first World Series title in Brooklyn in 1955 by finally defeating the New York Yankees who had already become their heated rival.  They were led in that series by Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson, who is credited with breaking the color barrier in major league baseball.  The Dodgers were at the forefront of integration in baseball when other teams were unwilling to sign African American players.

Two years after their first World Series victory, the team broke many hearts and left Brooklyn to relocate to Los Angeles.  It only took two years for them to claim their second world series title.  They won World Series titles again in 1963 and 1965 due to the dominant pitching of Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale.

The 70’s were also successful for the team thanks to players like Steve Garvey, Mike Scioscia and Davey Lopes, however they were unable to win any of the three world series they played in during the decade.  That streak was broken in 1981 when pitching sensation Fernando Valenzuela helped them to the title.

The next title they won in 1988 is known for one of the most famous moments in baseball history.  Star outfielder Kirk Gibson was injured and unable to play.  They were behind in the first game.  It was the bottom of the 9th when Gibson was called on to pinch hit.  With two outs, he limped to the plate, hit a home run, and walked around the bases into baseball immortality.

In addition to their rivalry with the Yankees, the San Francisco Giants are a big rival.  This dates back to when both teams were in New York City.  The Giants had the upper hand when the teams were in New York, however, that trend was reversed when the teams moved to California.

They are currently led by pitcher Clayton Kershaw and center fielder Matt Kemp.  Former Yankee legend Don Mattingly just completed his first year as head coach after succeeding Joe Torre.  However, the team may currently be best known for it’s ownership issues.

Frank and Jamie McCourt bought the team in 2004, however when they filed for divorce in 2009, it sent the finances of the organization into turmoil.  As the court system worked through the legal issues of ownership, Major League Baseball became concerned about Frank McCourt’s ability to run the team and meet payroll.  MLB officially took over the day to day operations of the team on April 20, 2011.  The ownership filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on June 27th.  The issue is still moving through the court system. Hopefully the settle soon and prices for Dodgers tickets don’t go up.