This Team Is Off To A Hot During 2012-13 Regular Season

Having been in the scene for quite along time, there is no doubt that this MLB team has been through everything. Even with the mixed experiences of defeats and wins, fans continue to fill the historic stadium. However, this year has been an above average year with a long string of wins. In fact, with their most recent wins, they have become one of the teams to watch this season!

In the 2012 regular season rankings, the Dodgers have had a string of matches in San Diego, Milwaukee, Houston among other places. This season, they have played a series of teams in fourteen matches so far. The first half of the season that began on May 5th, 2012 and saw them win 11 out of their 14 matches. Of all the matches the team played so far, the most remarkable game was the one played on April 6th against San Diego where they crushed the Giants 6-0. I wish I had bought Dodgers tickets to see that game live.

The match with the Brewers is also another memorable game of the season thus far. The match saw them lose 2-3 to Milwaukee. Milwaukee got the upper hand to clinch the win when the efforts of Ryan Braun lifted a fly ball that dragged Nyjer Morgan to the ground in the 10th inning. Before Braun lifted the fly, there were two walks that saw the bases loaded. However, in the match replays, it showed that Morgan had tagged him before he got to the plate. I believe that the officals called that game wrong and the Dodgers should have won. If you want your chance to see nail bitter games like this one, make sure you buy your Dodger tickets now.

Yesterday night saw them beat Milwaukee Brewers 4-3. This comes just after the team has lost two of their games in the series by a single run. In fact, there were greater expectations in this game since they have never been run over by the Brewers. Despite all the experiences that have marked the season, they still have the best record in the National League West sitting at 13-6. Today, the team travels to Houston to play Astros at Minute Maid Park. On their line up is Kershaw, Kemp among the others while Houston Astros’ Edwin Jackson and Tom Gorzelanny are the men to watch out for.